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Title: Beyond the Playground: Assessing the Future of Church-State relations after Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer
Authors: Lewis, Miranda L.
Keywords: Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: 64 Loy. L. Rev. 461
Abstract: “Separation of church and state” is a familiar phrase in every American household. Although the First Amendment protects rights that are essential to a democratic society, the Religion Clauses in particular have been the subject of much contentious litigation throughout the country’s history. While the Religion Clauses have been reinterpreted many times, the core protection for religious liberty has always remained—the government cannot support religion with taxpayer money. For the first time, the United States Supreme Court has jeopardized this core protection by requiring a state to provide direct financial aid to a church.
ISSN: 0192-9720
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