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Title: Kindred Erroneously Extended the Scope of the Federal Arbitration Act to Govern Tort Claims
Authors: Tanyıldız, Anil
Keywords: Arbitration
Kindred Nursing
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Loyola University New Orleans College of Law
Citation: 64 Loy. L. Rev. 483
Abstract: Arbitration is a dispute resolution technique whereby two or more parties agree to resolve their existing or possible future disputes before a private decision maker instead of a public court. This unique and efficient dispute resolution technique is quite old; arbitration was used in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome. Arbitration is still commonly used throughout the world. In the United States, arbitration is frequently used in resolving disputes arising from commercial transactions and maritime, insurance, consumer, and employment contracts.
ISSN: 0192-9720
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