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Title: Mental Health Implications for Children of Incarcerated Parents
Authors: Smoke, Anna T. Ph.D.
Bailey, Letia O. LCSW
Zeanah, Charles H. M.D.
Keywords: Incarcerated Parents
mental health
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Loyola University New Orleans College of Law
Citation: 63 Loy. L. Rev. 405
Abstract: Particularly in an era of mass incarceration, many people accused or convicted of crimes are parents who face incarceration for varying periods of time. This may include time spent after arrest waiting to post bail, following sentencing for a crime, or for parole or probation violations. Although parental status rarely figures into the decision-making regarding incarceration,3 the effect of parental incarceration on children’s well-being warrants consideration. Attorneys serve as counselors as well as advocates for their clients. Knowing clients’ parental status and helping them articulate the effects of incarceration on their children should be one of the responsibilities of the attorney charged with representing the client. Whether the attorney directly represents a client or is engaged in impact litigation, appreciation for a client’s parental status is essential.
ISSN: 0192-9720
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